Creeper family

Elizabeth drew this picture of Creeper’s family (I especially love “bruver”. She still pronounces “th” like a “v”):


I’ve eaten too much chocolate this past week. I’m never eating any chocolate ever again. I just have to finish my Easter Eggs first, though πŸ™‚

Ben has a tradition of hiding Easter Eggs around the house for me to find starting from a few days before Good Friday. Isn’t that sweet? The only problem is that once you start eating chocolate you want more. It’s addictive. The only solution is to gorge myself on what’s left of my Easter Eggs and then go cold turkey. I have no self-control and so there’s no way I can make a bit of chocolate last more than a few days. The only solution is not to buy it in the first place which is howΒ I usually operate.

27 responses to “Creeper family”

  1. I love Elizabeth’s drawings and spelling. She’s doing well. I’m assuming “bee bay” is “baby”. “Bruver” is gorgeous.

    I agree with you about chocolate. I don’t have it in the house. A friend gave me some Easter eggs today. I haven’t opened the box. If I do, I know I’ll demolish the lot in one sitting. I used to know a girl who could just eat a piece of chocolate and leave it at that. No discipline needed. One piece was enough. Amazing!!!

    • Wow, that’s amazing discipline. I could never do that. She can’t have liked chocolate very much.

      Wise move not to open the box of Easter eggs.

  2. How about Novak Djokavic – after winning the Aussie (?) Open, he professed to having a chocolate craving. Since he hadn’t eaten chocolate for months in preparation, one of his team went out and bought him a bar, which he promptly opened up and allowed himself all of one square from before giving it away.
    Nobody gave me any eggs this year!

  3. Love the drawing πŸ™‚
    I have to have chocolate in the house! But will limit my intake to a small amount after a meal. I’ve still got 4 of my Easter eggs left, out of 6 – and I gave one to my Mum-in-law.
    Did your kids find any of ‘your’ hidden eggs??

    • I’m impressed with the self-control. I can’t do that.

      The kids didn’t find any of the hidden eggs. They were carefully placed in spots only I would find like in the box of tea bags or in my knicker drawer.

      • hahaha I like it!
        Do you hide eggs for your kids? My Dad used to hide for us – and one year my brother found a Cadbury’s creme egg in June!! πŸ™‚

      • No, we don’t. The Easter Bunny puts eggs at the end of their beds but this year Elizabeth was asking for an easter egg hunt as they had one at school so this might be something we have to start doing.

  4. Although I find it hard to believe that you don’t have self discipline πŸ™‚

    Is “Bruver” = “Brother”? Very cute drawing nevertheless πŸ˜€

    • Yes, bruver = brother. That’s how she says it. Daniel had a speech therapist when he was Elizabeth’s age and if she heard Elizabeth pronounce it like that she’d be sure to correct her. But I think it’s really cute so I don’t want to but I know the speech therapist wouldn’t be happy with me πŸ™‚

  5. Love the drawing. And yes, chocolate is definitely addictive, and if it’s in the house well that is it! Sounds like you had a lovely Easter Rachel πŸ™‚

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