Aberdeen Jazz Festival

We spent a couple of hours at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival this afternoon. It was terrific. I love jazz. Especially live jazz. We used to go to the Christchurch Jazz Festival every year which was at a similar time of year; April I think. I wonder whether it still runs? The Aberdeen Festival was just as good if not better. Music was playing at a few different venues in what is called the Merchant Quarter in central Aberdeen. There was outdoor jazz at The Green although I think it should be called The Stone rather than The Green and here’s why:



We also went to the Carmelite Hotel where we listened to Alison Affleck and Vieux Carre playing 1920s and Tin Pan Alley jazz. They were great. Alison Affleck sang a lovely Billie Holiday song – You Can’t Be Mine – which I particularly liked:

Daniel and I were selfie-bombed (that guy looks way too serious to be at a jazz festival):


The kids got up and boogied out on The Green which was mildly embarrassing. Oh, how I can’t wait for them to become teenagers so I can embarrass them back. What is dancing exactly? Does running around in circles constitute dancing? I think not. Dancing might involve some running every now and again but running itself is not dancing. Boogieing to the jazz for Daniel and Elizabeth meant running round and round in circles. I asked them whether running is dancing and they looked a bit confused so Elizabeth decided to run around in circles and kick her legs out to the side at the same time which was somehow worse. Still, a fun time was had by all which is the main thing.

Our transport to and from the Jazz Festival was by Busby the bakfiets of course.


Busby is named after Busby Berkeley, an American musical choreographer from the 1920s and 1930s. He used to create geometric formations using human dancers. There’s one in this clip that looks like the wheel of a bicycle tyre:

14 responses to “Aberdeen Jazz Festival”

  1. I like how your kids dance! 🙂 Isn’t the saying – Dance like no-one’s watching? 🙂

    1. That’s how I dance in my kitchen when I’m cooking dinner and it ain’t pretty 🙂

  2. Jazz not my thing, but Busby Berkeley- that’s something else! And the dancing.

    1. Yeah, there’ll never be another Busby Berkeley. I’m always surprised when I meet people who have never heard of him.

  3. I like that you have named your bike. I have been trying to find names for mine but nothing ever seems right. I also like the way you can carry your kids in front of you. When mine were young, I would have liked keeping them in view. At the time, bikes like this were not available or, at least, I was unaware of them. Nice post.

    1. Yes, a bakfiets is the best thing for carrying children around. It’s also handy for other things too like Christmas Trees and shopping.

      When I came up with the name Busby I simply decided I wanted a name starting with the letter ‘b’ since he’s a bakfiets and then I picked the first word that popped into my head.

  4. And a good time was had by all despite the “dancing”. Elizabeth’s kick dancing style sounds quite unusual. There might be scope to start a trend there. Love the photo of you and the kids on Busby. What an imaginative name!

    1. Elizabeth definitely has her own unique dancing style which could very well become a trend. Both kids also had a really nice time which was good for us otherwise it’s not enjoyable when the kids are bored and want to go home. The running around in circles also wore them out, so there were some benefits 🙂

  5. Very nice story. Your kids are fun.
    And I loved the origin of your bakfiets name.

    1. Thank you! My life would definitely be boring without the kids. I’m glad they’re around to embarrass me. It’s good for me 🙂

      1. You’re welcome. I found the idea of embarrassing them later, very funny and very useful. Something we can all apply later! Genius. Thanks.

  6. Great to know Busby’s namesake 😉 I love Jazz too Rachel, and would have been ‘dancing’ with you all…and yes, definitely not very green but what a great atmosphere by the looks of it. I did have to laugh at the selfie bomb 😀

  7. What a funny Green! Yes to dancing in circles, when you go to a 5rhythms event.

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