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  • Zoe


    We have taken a plunge into the dark side and after nearly 7 years of living car-free we are now the owners of an electric Renault Zoe. Yes, I’m almost ashamed to say it: we are now evil car owners. It was not a decision made lightly. We have loved living without a car and […]

  • A hill walk at last and testing the hydrogen car

    A hill walk at last and testing the hydrogen car

    We haven’t been out for a walk in the hills since February. Not since our night to remember at the Fife Arms in Braemar. When we drove out into the country to collect our new kitten a couple of weeks ago that was the first time we’d been inside a car since March. I honestly […]

  • Inverness

    We’re in Inverness. My Mum and Doug are still here and we thought it would be nice to go away for the weekend. I have been wanting to explore the countryside in this part of Scotland as it’s particularly beautiful but a bit too far for a day trip. We decided to spend two nights […]

  • How do you start an electric car?

    My father arrived late last night and so I booked the Co-wheels car club car to collect him from the airport. This is only the second time I’ve used it and I thought it would be straight forward since we had done it before so I booked the car for 9:30pm; Dad’s flight arrived at […]

  • Balmedie Beach

    We had a superb day today. We booked one of the Co-wheels cars to try out and went to Balmedie Beach where I went¬†for a swim in the North Sea. We drove one of the¬†electric cars parked very close to our home. We have a swipe card which unlocks the car from 5 minutes before […]

  • We’ve joined a car club

    We don’t own a car and we have no intention of buying one. It’s very easy to live in Aberdeen without a car as we can walk and cycle everywhere. This is our car (photo was taken a couple of months ago when there was snow and ice on the ground and I think Ben […]