Aviemore, Scotland

Snows transforms the outside into one giant playground. Every hill becomes a slippery slide, every twig a potential arm for a snowman, and every flake of snow a potential snowball for tossing at loved ones. Kids love it, I love it.



My long suffering husband doesn’t love it quite so much.


Walking around is like wandering through an art gallery filled with splendid paintings to admire and lift the spirits – although this bit might have been more uplifting had we not had small children whingeing constantly about having to walk. Children these days are so spoilt: they expect to be warm, driven everywhere, and fed three times a day. Imagine that! And if they get any snow inside their boots, we end up suffering as much as they do, if not more.






And there’s such fun to be had no matter how old you are.


I’m balancing a giant snowball on my arm in this next one.


Oh wait, no I’m not.


It has been snowing so much today that they had to close Cairngorm Mountain and so we didn’t get to go up there, but it didn’t matter. There was plenty to see and do in the village and at the place we’re staying. Now it’s time for a nana nap.



13 Replies to “Aviemore, Scotland”

  1. Looks like you are all having a great time, Snow is great fun to play in – and then you can go inside and warm up and dry off 🙂

    1. Exactly! Kids just love snow. Dogs love it too! I saw quite a few dogs outside today having a terrific time. You could just tell how delighted they were with the snow.

  2. I felt cold looking at those photos! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Hope the kids liked the taste of the snow! 🙂

  3. Hi Rachel,

    For some reason your latest post, Cairngorm Mountain, doesn’t seem to have its comments open.

    Regards, G

    1. Thanks, Graham. I have no idea how that happened. I had great difficulty publishing that post because the free wifi on the train kept dropping out. I wasn’t even sure whether it did get published in the end because after hitting the publish button, I immediately lost my internet connection and was unable to check. I’m back at home now and have turned on the comments again. Thanks for letting me know! I may never have known otherwise 🙂

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