“Daddy can’t do anything”

My family was pleased to see me when I arrived back home from Barcelona, but they weren’t ecstatic or anything and they seemed to have managed just fine without me. In fact, I was disappointed to see that Ben wasn’t looking more dishevelled and stressed out after almost a week as a single parent. And I think the kids were more interested in seeing what presents I brought back for them than me. But they appear to have been fed and bathed while I was away, although Elizabeth’s hair wasn’t brushed all week (I can’t really blame Ben for that as I took the hair brush).

Today when I was collecting the kids from school, Elizabeth said to me, “Mummy, you put one of my gloves and one of Daniel’s gloves in my bag!” I replied, “I didn’t do that, Daddy did that”. She laughed and said, “Daddy can’t do anything. He’s a grown adult and he can’t do anything”. Ah, perhaps I am needed after all 🙂

It was nice to go out on Busby again. We went to a children’s birthday party yesterday and the kids got a huge balloon each which only just fit in the bike: