Fear the hungry vegan

I’m currently imprisoned in our accommodation in Barcelona and I’m hungry. A hungry vegan is not someone you want to mess with. I’m stuck here waiting for my bag to turn up and if I go out in search of food, they won’t be able to deliver the bag. I have this cynical idea that my bag isn’t going to show up at all and I’ll have missed a good lunch for no reason. Here’s my travel tip for the day: always carry deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and fresh undies in your hand luggage.

On the plus side (and I’m a glass half full kind of person), I was able to catch a train from the airport last night without having to lug around a heavy bag. The trains go every 20 minutes and it was fairly straightforward and quick. The only oddity was that some of the stations didn’t match those on the map I had which made me think I was on the wrong train for part of the journey. I have no idea why this was but the station I wanted eventually appeared and I got off. Apparently Barcelona is a lovely city and I’ll be sure to post some pics when I eventually leave my prison.

I do have some photos from the Christmas dinner I went to in Keswick a few weeks ago which a couple of commenters were asking about. Here are they –