Fear the hungry vegan

I’m currently imprisoned in our accommodation in Barcelona and I’m hungry. A hungry vegan is not someone you want to mess with. I’m stuck here waiting for my bag to turn up and if I go out in search of food, they won’t be able to deliver the bag. I have this cynical idea that my bag isn’t going to show up at all and I’ll have missed a good lunch for no reason. Here’s my travel tip for the day: always carry deodorant, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and fresh undies in your hand luggage.

On the plus side (and I’m a glass half full kind of person), I was able to catch a train from the airport last night without having to lug around a heavy bag. The trains go every 20 minutes and it was fairly straightforward and quick. The only oddity was that some of the stations didn’t match those on the map I had which made me think I was on the wrong train for part of the journey. I have no idea why this was but the station I wanted eventually appeared and I got off. Apparently Barcelona is a lovely city and I’ll be sure to post some pics when I eventually leave my prison.

I do have some photos from the Christmas dinner I went to in Keswick a few weeks ago which a couple of commenters were asking about. Here are they –



10 Replies to “Fear the hungry vegan”

  1. I had my luggae go missing on a Santiago/Buenos Aires/Auckland flight, never turned up. Lost three bottles of good Argy wine and my favourite tie, plus all the travel material and contacts that I had saved from the travel conference I had attended. The loss of that material was in part the reason that my company failed the following year, it couldn’t be replaced. The $800 compensation paid by the airline didn’t cover a fradtion of the real cost and the angst.

    Is a hungry vegan a bit like the aggressive cows that I mentioned? Homicidal. Just wondering… 🙂


    1. That’s awful, AV. I’ll be pissed off in my luggage is permanently lost but it won’t be the end of the world. There’s nothing in there that I can’t live without.

  2. Hope you got your lunch in the end. I really enjoyed the bus in from the airport, was too disoriented to try the train.

    1. It was dark when I arrived so I didn’t see very much from the train or the walk to the accommodation.

  3. Great city hope you get to enjoy it, especially the Gaudi stuff, but watch out for rampant pic-pockets (maybe less in winter?).

    1. My husband has been to Barcelona and had an encounter with a pick-pocket. The guy stuck his hand in Ben’s shirt pocket. Ben was stunned. There was nothing in the pocket fortunately but I thought they were meant to be more subtle than that. I’ve been very vigilante.

  4. Fossilcyclist’s advice about pick-pockets is right on. A friend who’s been there says they’re everywhere.

    I certainly hope your luggage has shown up by now. What an absolute bummer! The inconvenience. The hunger. The being left on your own. Awful.

    Very sorry for AV losing all his precious stuff and getting stuff all compensation. Hope your next post will be full of good news re luggage, eating and great times. 🙂

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