Travel anxieties

Something happens to a woman when she becomes a mother: she starts to worry about things – crazy things that will never happen. It’s very frustrating but there’s nothing that can be done about it except to laugh at the absurdity and put up with the worries.

Next week I’m going to Barcelona for work. It should be a great trip but I’m feeling anxious about it. I’m worried about leaving my kids even though I’m sure they’ll be just fine. I’m worried about the plane crashing even though I know the risk is miniscule – I really hate flying. I’m worried I might catch ebola while I’m there and get sick and die even though I’m probably no more likely to catch ebola in Spain than Scotland. I’m worried there might be an earthquake and the building I’m staying in will collapse and imprison me (I’ve always been a bit claustrophobic). I’m worried an Icelandic volcano will erupt while I’m there and ground all the planes in Europe preventing me from returning to my family. This probably isn’t so bad as Spain is not far away and I could probably return by train and ferry. I lay in bed last night with a long list of things I was anxious about and I’m now worried I might have left one out.

I have never taken anti-anxiety drugs. I don’t think I’m anxious enough to warrant that but hopefully writing about it and hearing what other people are anxious about might help. So if you feel anxious about something, please share it!