NatWest: tearing marriages apart

Ok, I’m not being serious with my title. I just want to make this clear that I’m exaggerating slightly here. Quite a bit actually. But I am pissed off with Natwest and so this is going to be a bit of a rant.

A little while ago I wrote about the problem I had trying to have my name added to my husband’s bank account at Natwest. I couldn’t provide the right documentation for them. I had a New Zealand passport, a New Zealand driver’s licence, and an official letter addressed to my home address in Aberdeen from BT. The letter from BT was insufficient because they specifically wanted a bill. I have signed up for paperless billing and so I don’t get any bills from them in the post.

What could I do? I wanted to give my employer my bank details so they can pay my salary into a bank account in the UK. Do I give them my husband’s bank account and then depend on him to give me cash? Bollocks to that. Instead I went and opened a bank account with the Bank of Scotland. It was all very easy at the Bank of Scotland and they were happy with an official letter from BT as proof of address. But it’s the first time Ben and I have had separate bank accounts since we were married. I have since added Ben to my bank account but we are still struggling with Natwest.

Three weeks ago I finally got a council tax bill in my name so I went back to Natwest with all the paperwork. They took photocopies of my passport and the bill but I still haven’t received my new account details so yesterday I rang them to find out why it’s taking so long. They said I had no application in the system at all and that Ben’s account is still a single person account. So I went back to the same branch and they’ve got copies of the identification they photocopied and a record that the forms were sent off. But apparently the forms have vanished. They were very apologetic about this. I may rant on my blog but I tend not to take my frustrations out on front-line staff so I nodded and walked out. I was also in a bit of a state of disbelief if anything. So now we have to fill in all the forms again and both of us have to sign them again and take them back to be posted off again. Why is it so hard, Natwest?

Meanwhile I’m earning a salary in the UK now. If I hadn’t lost my patience with NatWest a month ago and signed up with the Bank of Scotland instead, then I still wouldn’t have had anywhere for my employer to pay my salary.

18 thoughts on “NatWest: tearing marriages apart

  1. I share your frustration here as I have had similar experience with other banks. Just a question: why doesn’t your husband use your Bank of Scotland and it becomes a joint account and you close the NatWest account?

    Also, I suggest making a formal complaint to them. Companies that have poor customer service can expect to lose customers.

    1. Yes, I would prefer just to bank with Bank of Scotland but in the interests of marital harmony I’m not going to force my husband to close his account with NatWest. However we’ll be moving all our savings over to Bank of Scotland otherwise I won’t have access to it.

  2. If I had that sort of problem with my bank, I’d march down there are withdraw my entire $23.75 and close my account. That’d show them!

    1. Ok, I realise this is a first world problem. I’m just still pissed that they wouldn’t let me open an account with them at the start. And the only reason we have savings is because we just sold our house. Otherwise we’d be paying off a mortgage like everyone else.

      1. I hope you aren’t reading more into my comment than I put in. I was just making a self depracating joke. 🙂

      2. Ah, ok. I probably did. I thought you were teasing me for moaning about something minor. I’ll blame @ladysighs for saying my post was piddly poo 🙂

      3. To me a first world problem is the recycling bin not being big enough for the box my flat-screen television came in. I hate it when that happens 😉

      1. Must be! 🙂 – You reminded me that I had a moan about banks myself a while back – “You can bank on it!” 😀 hehe Oh well, what are blog friends for if not a little moan now and then 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry for your difficulty. I’d like to read it all but unfortunately I’ve gone snow blind. Can’t think why. 🙂

    If you want a good service from a bank, tell them that you earn £100k and work as a government assassin Not only will you get a speedy service, Nat West will offer you a job in their debt recovery department. It’s true, it is. 😛

      1. Hmm let me see. Has been known to wear a cat suit, owns an electric drill, implicated in the Great Carrot Massacre of ’02 and professes a liking for British weather. There is only one rational explanation. 😀

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