A momentous week

It’s a momentous week for me. Both my babies are at school. I no longer have a child at home. Elizabeth started school for the first time on Monday and although I’m very happy about this, and so is she, I have felt a bit teary waving her off everyday since then.

School has been great for both of them so far. Daniel has a few learning difficulties because of his autism and Tourette’s syndrome, but the school is bending over backwards for him. We are actually quite stunned by the level of support he is receiving so far. He seems to be happy there too which is a big relief for us. We were quite concerned because they’ve put him in year 4 whereas he was doing year 3 in New Zealand. He also struggled to keep up with some of the things they were doing in year 3, especially hand-writing. Elizabeth, who has only just started school, has better hand-writing than Daniel so he’s kind of at the kindergarten level in this area. But the school thinks this is best and they’re going to give him full-time support in the areas he’s struggling with and full-time support means a teacher sitting with him one-on-one. This is just amazing and is not something he’s ever had before so we are very impressed.

Meanwhile Busby is doing lots of wonderful things like giving me strong legs and more importantly, helping me make friends as he’s quite a talking point here, even more so than in York. I haven’t seen any other cargo bikes at all so far so I’m one-of-a-kind. I feel like a bit of a celebrity (but without all the negative stuff) and I’m lapping it up πŸ™‚

I’ve been cycling on the footpaths mostly, I even ride straight past the police station but so far no-one has complained. I mostly get lots of smiles and compliments and intriguing looks. Life is pretty good.