And the diagnosis is …

An ocular migraine. This is just as I thought but a nice relief nonetheless. And the cure is ……. menopause πŸ™‚ Apparently an ancestor of mine had a baby at the age of 50 and in a time before fertility treatment was available so I’ll probably just have to be patient with this.

I went to an Optician for the first time ever yesterday (thanks to Barry for the help in finding one). They were brilliant: very thorough and they couldn’t find anything wrong so they called an Ophthalmologist at the hospital and after a bit of discussion decided to make an appointment for me for today at 10am. It was all so easy and I didn’t need a GP in the end at all. The Optician also gave me a sight test and my vision is perfect πŸ™‚ I don’t need glasses.

I think the hospital appointment was really just a precaution to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot or something more serious. But also because I have a cupped optic nerve which can be a sign of disease, but in my case it’s just physiological: I was born with it.

The Ophthalmologists at the hospital were equally brilliant. I didn’t have to wait at all and the whole thing was over within an hour with a diagnosis of ocular migraine. These are quite rare apparently but the doctor said she had seen it before. They put something in my eyes to dilate my pupils and it made everything blurry for a few hours. It was tricky finding my way home after that. I was alone and on foot – remember this is still an unfamiliar city to me – and it was a journey of about 50 minutes. I could just make out some of the street signs but I couldn’t read Google Maps. I couldn’t even dial a taxi to take me home. But somehow I managed it. When I got back home, Ben was amused to discover that I was unable to read my iPhone. He’s probably disappointed that my vision has now returned to normal. How did we manage before smart phones? I can’t live without mine.