Hard or soft?

We’ve got a new home: a rental but a really, really nice one. We got the keys yesterday but there are no beds here so I ordered some mattresses for the kids from an online store with the name MattressNextDay. Apparently mattress next day = mattress three days later.

I also ordered a luxurious latex mattress for us. I’ve wanted a latex mattress for years and years. Our last bed was bought second-hand about 7 years ago and I’ve always found it too hard. Some things I like hard but where beds are concerned, I like ’em soft. I have broad, child-bearing hips and lying on my side on a hard mattress is just not comfortable.

Anyway, our mattress also didn’t turn up on the day it was supposed to and when it did eventually arrive, a very sheepish delivery man said something to us in a broad Scottish accent that neither of us understood – something about someone taking off for the weekend. I think he was worried about how he was going to get a large, latex mattress out of his truck on his own. He was thrilled when both of us offered to help and wow, was it heavy! Now that it’s upstairs we’re never moving ever, ever again 🙂 The mattress is truly wonderful and I can’t wait to christen it. Early night for me tonight.

There are some beautiful autumn colours out at the moment. Here are some shots from my run today:




12 thoughts on “Hard or soft?

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed that post. Your little town is very interesting too. Aberdeen is quite a bit larger as you can see. The population here is about 220,000.

    1. I have really been enjoying running and I never thought I’d say this. I will be getting my bike back in the next wee and so I’ll probably run less then but I’d like to keep it up.

  1. I remember buying a mattress worth £400 for £50 on eBay and the job I had stuffing it into my Zafira! And then I had to get the girls and their cousin to help me upstairs with it. Looks so achingly lovely with the colours and hearing about your bed, it sounds as if you are settling in nicely. Sounds very homely.

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