Duthie Park, Aberdeen

We’re in Aberdeen and still all a bit tired and jet-lagged but glad to have all the hard stuff over and done with. We ventured out for a walk in Duthie Park yesterday and it was wonderful. They have an enormous winter garden as well as some brilliant playgrounds. Can you judge a city by the quality of its playgrounds? Absolutely πŸ™‚ Even I had a play. One of the little huts in the playground was about the same size as our current accommodation here and much nicer smelling. We thought about moving in.

We had the easiest time at Heathrow airport immigration too. This was a surprise after our last time entering the UK when we were detained for a few hours. The immigration official this time was a Scotsman who did his best to warn us about Aberdeen’s weather. Apparently we need lots of jumpers, even in summer.