Nappy days

When our babies were in nappies (nappies = diapers) we used cloth nappies. I rarely bought disposables: they’re way too expensive and not very biodegradable so we invested in some good-quality washable nappies instead. I have a tendency to get obsessed with things and I got very obsessed with cloth nappies. I look back on this now and wonder what on earth was wrong with me??? Of all the things to get obsessed about, why a bit of poop-catching cloth should excite me so much is beyond reason.

The packers have been in our house all day today and so we’ve been pulling things out of long forgotten spaces and have found a huge bag of cloth nappies. I have no need for these (they certainly won’t fit me when I get old and require nappies again), and I don’t plan to have any more children. But I was so excited to see them all. Modern cloth nappies are truly wonderful. They don’t require pins to do them up. Instead there are options like poppers and velcro: they’re much more effective at catching explosive breast-fed baby poop and I imagine they’re much more comfortable to wear. It must be a bit like the choice between cotton undies and disposable undies. The former are soft while the latter must feel a bit like wearing a newspaper between your legs.

Now I feel all nostalgic for these nappies but have no idea what to do with them. I think they’re probably going to have to come with us. Maybe the grandkids can use them one day.

Our house sold at auction today for just over 31% more than we paid for it less than three years ago. This is great for us but it confirms the need, in my view, for a capital gains tax in this country. I imagine that even if they brought in a CGT it would not apply to residential properties – so we still wouldn’t have to pay it – but it would have the effect of cooling the property market.

For reasons that I don’t understand, the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders voted in favour of a government that has no plans to implement a CGT. Doesn’t the political right want to encourage business investment? New Zealanders are investing in property at the expense of local business.