Panic mode

It’s time to panic and freak out. Less than two weeks to go before we leave for Scotland. Our house will be auctioned next week. We haven’t started any packing and I’ve only just listed our car on TradeMe today.

How does TradeMe know more about our car than I do? Admittedly I know very little about our car: I couldn’t even tell you what the engine size is but TradeMe knows. All I had to do was type in the licence plate number and it knew the engine size, the number of owners, when the WOF expires, and approximately how many kilometres it has done. How does TradeMe know all of this?

The removalists are coming for all our stuff at the end of next week. I’m not sure where we’re going to sleep once all our furniture has gone. I expect we’ll decide next week. There’s still quite a bit to do: get rid of the furniture we don’t plan to take, cancel our wheelie bins, sell the house, sell the car, post my Thunderbolt (Apple monitor), pack, buy presents for school and kindy, make a trip to the transfer station (aka the dump), climb Mt Cook, wait…no…we don’t have to do that 🙂 I probably shouldn’t be wasting time on my blog so perhaps I’ll go to bed instead. Good night!