Oops, sorry

Sorry, folks! I accidentally made a post to my ‘real’ blog that should have gone to my test blog. It was just text from a recent post and I deleted it almost immediately but it got sent out to my email followers (all three of you :)). I have lots of test blogs which I use regularly for making posts, pages, and comments for work and I knew that sooner or later I’d confuse my test blog with my real one.

I don’t have anything new to say except that if you haven’t listened to Ray LaMontagne yet, then you absolutely must. Here’s one of his songs. It has the same name as a dear, old friend of mine:


    1. Yes, sorry about that! I had to make a test post quickly and I like to have some dummy text so I just copied and pasted from my own blog without realising I was creating a new post on the same blog and not the test one.

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