When the moderator gets moderated

Recently a new moderator starting helping out at the blog I moderate. On his very first day, he moderated me. ME!!!!!!!!! How dare he! I was so furious that I emailed the blog owner and told him I was taking a break from moderating his blog and then I turned off all comment notifications from this blog. About five minutes later I turned them back on again. Then I shed a tear or two because I don’t really want to abandon this particular community especially over something so trivial.

So yes, I over-reacted. I did however get a feeling for what it’s like to have your views deleted. I’m sure that under normal circumstances I would not mind having my comments moderated, but this particular comment was made because it was in response to one that had evoked an emotional response in me. I know what you’re thinking dear reader. You think I’m this person:

Source: http://xkcd.com/386/

I was right, I promise 😉 So when I saw that I was unable to express my thoughts on the matter I returned to my own blog and expressed them here. This is what prompted my recent post about autism which is essentially what my comment was about. All I can say is thank heavens for my own blog. Everyone should have one.

The good news is I’m over it now. I do feel a bit silly, which is nothing unusual, but all is well in the world again. 🙂