On censorship

There have been some complaints about the moderation of comments in my previous post, It’s a conspiracy! This happens every time Skeptics’ comments get moderated. Moderation is not censorship.

If I write a letter to the editor of my local paper it may or may not get published. If it doesn’t get published, is it censorship? Of course not. Newspaper editors will generally publish letters based on the quality of their arguments and their topicality. Any that fail to meet these criteria are trashed.

In the same way, comments made on people’s blogs may or may not get published. Some are edited slightly while some might get trashed completely. This is not censorship. Commenters can make their comments elsewhere. An editor or author of a blog is fully within their rights not to publish comments that are uncivil, inflammatory, defamatory, off-topic, wrong, tedious or just poor quality.

Since I am the owner of this blog, I get to choose what gets published here. If I decide not to publish a comment, it’s not censorship. I am not stifling freedom of speech or preventing anyone from expressing their views elsewhere. But I do get to choose the content on my own blog.

And if anyone comments and disagrees with me, their comment is going in the trash 🙂