Delayed gratification, spiders and bikinis

Elizabeth was watching a TV advertisement this morning with two children on it who were both offered a chocolate fish and told that if they waited a short while before eating it they could have another. It was the classic marshmallow experiment of delayed gratification except using chocolate fish instead of marshmallows.

Ben decided to ask Elizabeth what she would do. Would she eat the chocolate fish straight away or wait a little bit and get two of them? Her response: “I would go and get the packet and take another one out”. How’s that for resourcefulness and lateral thinking?

I am terrified of spiders and recently a daddy long legs decided to make the dash board of my car his home. This has been tolerable, just, because at least I can see him and he sticks to his web and daddy long legs are probably the least scary of all spiders. However occasionally he moves about and forces me to focus on him rather than the road so I thought it prudent to get Ben to remove him from the car altogether. Unfortunately though, in the process of removal, Ben somehow lost him and he (the spider) crawled behind the steering wheel. Now I can’t see him at all! I preferred it when he was on the dash in a web! I am now waiting for the moment when he crawls up onto my fingers…..

I didn’t notice any increase in my stats as a result of yesterday’s post. I don’t know what to make of this. Either there are no perverts in this world – and I really don’t believe that – or no-one is interested in seeing me in a bikini – and I should probably be offended if that’s the case – or maybe the world is becoming asexual.