How many chances for a good passport photo?

I’m in the process of applying for passports. My Australian passport is soon to expire and I am now eligible for a New Zealand passport so I’m applying for that too. But I hit a bit of a hurdle with the passport photos. The first one I got was dreadful. It was not even clear that it was me in the photo and I could easily have been mistaken for the troll in Ukiss‘ pic:


So I had to go and try again. The second one was better in that it was recognisably me, but oh my god, my hair was a disgrace. I really should have washed it first. And brushed it for that matter. Can I possibly tolerate bird’s nest hair in a passport photograph for the next ten years? No way.

So I went back a third time and finally, I’m happy. I know what you’re thinking: I’m pathetic and vain and you’re absolutely right. But a girl just wants to look her best.