I am hobbling around like an 80-year-old today. The reason for this is that I’ve started running. I hate running but it’s exercise and I no longer have Busby for that. But because I am not used to running I have sore muscles. My calves are sore, my hamstrings are sore and my thighs are sore. So now I’m hobbling.

I am not sure how long I will be able to keep this up for as I’ve lost two kilograms and I may end up fading away into oblivion. You get more bang for your buck with running in that it uses more calories than cycling does but I’m not particularly interested in eating up calories, just in getting my heart rate up and maintaining the strength in my legs. Yes, I could eat more but putting on weight is not easy when you follow a mostly vegan diet. I have also thought about joining a gym but I really hate those places.

Speaking of Busby, I have word from the bike shop in York, where Busby is currently being fitted with a rain tent, that he is right at home with lots of other freaky bikes. 🙂

Daniel has only been to school one day this week. Monday he was jet-lagged. He went to school on Tuesday. Wednesday he had to have another rabies vaccination and I had such an awful migraine that I could not fathom getting him to school after that so we all stayed home. And today is Waitangi Day, a public holiday. His first day at school went fairly well I think, except that he was unimpressed with having to eat a packed lunch after the school dinners he so enjoyed in York.

Elizabeth has had a couple of days back at kindergarten and seems reasonably happy. They have rules here though like no running inside. Why not? They’re children. We should be encouraging our children to run as much as they want. And bringing toys from home is discouraged here. I can understand why this is the case but I did appreciate the nursery in York letting her take toys. She took something almost everyday and it was important for her.

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  1. Not sure if this is helpful but I’ve found swimming is about the best, most time efficient exercise you can find. I injured my back some years ago and narrowly avoided surgery – but had on-going sciatic pain down both legs. I used to run a lot but had trouble even walking! A friend of my wife who was a nurse suggested swimming. I couldn’t swim very well but took up her advice and have been doing regular weekly squad swims for the last 7 years – I’m now much fitter than I used to be, have no back pain and avoid the painful joints that come from impact exercise – anyway may or may not be helpful. The other thing is ocean swimming is pretty amazing (mind you water over your way is probably pretty cold!).

    • Yes, I agree that swimming is good exercise. I’m not so keen on it though. There’s the hassle of getting to and from a pool (which is made simpler if there’s one at your place of work) and it requires paraphernalia: special clothing, goggles, towels….I don’t need anything special to go cycling. Swimming also tends to build upper body strength and being a woman, and not completely bereft of vanity, I am more interested in having a toned arse and thighs.

  2. Ok so:-
    Mind your joints and moving parts. You could try running on sand.
    You could try multi-tasking using an excercise bike together with TV/Internet/Radio (educational or entertainment), a book or music (close your eyes and you could be anywhere)
    Tai Chi (

    It might be that the imperative is making the place more annoying than it would otherwise be.

    Interfering busybody
    Matilda Waltz 🙂

  3. Congratulations for running. The thought of doing it myself just about kills me but I’m all for it. I tried swimming and, while it’s a wonderful way of exercising, it made me absolutely ravenous. My fitness improved but I put on weight also. Perhaps swimming and running is the answer. Keep up the good work anyway. Glad the kids are settling back into Auckland life without too many hassles.

    • It’s worth it for the endorphins. They are nature’s cocaine. My legs are feeling better today after a two-day hiatus so hopefully the worst is over.

  4. You put me to shame with your keep fit regime Rachel…I really need to exercise more, but I do take walks most days and I love doing that.
    Glad you are all settling in despite the jet lag and also that Busby is being well looked after 🙂

  5. Hi Rachel,

    I’m glad to hear you’re joining the ranks of us runners.

    Don’t overdo it – it’s better at first to go out often but not too far. Then pick one day a week to do a longer slower run and on the other days try to vary the pace a bit. Have you got a running club near where you live? If so it might be worth joining because you’ll be able to go out with other people so it may make it more enjoyable and give you more motivation.

    Also, it might be worth looking out for organised races, say a 5k or 10k, later in the year – it will give you a goal to aim for and once you have done one you’ll want to do another to beat your time.

    • Thanks for the advice, Andrew. I am still a cyclist at heart but running will do for the time being. I’m not really interested in running a race but finding a running club might work. Although, I have to say, I quite like listening to music at the same time, which may not work so well with a group of people.

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