The Franchise

The franchise lacks personality. It is just like all the others: a clone. They are all the same and so they are nothing; a vacuum.

There is nothing unique about the franchise. It follows the recipe like all the others. There is no space for creativity or individuality. It is soulless.

The franchise has elements of a production line to it. There are long queues to join the conveyor belt which transports passengers from one part of the franchise to another. There is no dialog on this journey; no intimacy; no life.

There are rules in the franchise which must be followed. Do not complain or speak out. The franchise is powerful and growing and dissenters will not be tolerated.

If this makes no sense then that’s terrific because that was my intention. If it does make sense then I apologise. I am new to this and I am crap at it.

18 thoughts on “The Franchise

  1. I could go to Bunnings for building materials and things but I much prefer the old school hardware shop down the road. Even better, demolition yards for me. That said, my chookhouse is being built with scrap pallets from the back of Bunnings. Irony? Plus, when all the kids were lining up for maccas when I was young, I was out catching feral rabbits for my dinner. How am I doing?

    1. You did great. It seems that I was successful however I do agree with your sentiments. Give me the old family-run hardware over the large chain any day. But this post was not about that.

  2. “Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue
    It isn’t very hard to do
    And you’ll find happiness without an end
    Whenever you pretend.

    Remember anyone can dream
    And nothing’s bad as it may seem
    The little things you haven’t got
    Could be a lot if you pretend

    …And if you sing this melody
    You’ll be pretending just like me
    The world is mine , it can be yours , my friend
    So why don’t you pretend ”

    ” Pretend ” – Nat King Cole.

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