Soccer and cycling in York

Every Saturday morning, Daniel plays soccer. He is 6 years old, mildly autistic and has Tourette’s syndrome. We have tried many extra-curricular activities for him before, including soccer, but he never enjoyed any of them. But he loves the soccer coaching in York because it’s run by the mother of someone in Daniel’s class who wanted something non-competitive but fun for her daughter. So she went out and bought some soccer equipment, found a patch of field in York, trawled the web for how to coach soccer to under 8s and told a few friends about it. Now there’s a lovely group of parents who each Saturday assemble on the field with eager children. The children get to play soccer in a fun and inclusive atmosphere while the parents get to socialise. It is also completely free. This is community engagement at its best.

It is autumn now and York is looking beautiful in shades of orange, yellow and red. I love this time of year.

IMG_3535 IMG_3530

I have recently started photographing the interesting bicycles I see around the city and there are lots of them. I’m a little hesitant to photograph someone cycling on their bike as they might not like me to, so all of my photos are of parked bikes minus owners. There are quite a few bicycles around for transporting children:



This one has a baby capsule on board
Here’s our bicycle, Busby.