Watching the drip drop

My old university, The University of Queensland, is home to the world’s longest running experiment. Things are just about to get exciting because a very rare event, the drip of a tar-like substance called pitch, is imminent and in the 83 years of the experiment’s life, only 8 drips have fallen.

No-one has witnessed any of the other 8 drips and the longtime custodian, Professor John Mainstone, missed drip numbers 6 and 7 by a whisker. To avoid missing drip number 8 Mainstone focused a webcam on the cabinet housing the experiment but there was a power outage at the critical moment.

With drip number 9 about to fall, Mainstone now has three webcams all with emergency power backup.

There’s a live webcam of the action or not at I challenge you to take your eyes off it.