Renewable energy expected to overtake coal shortly after 2035

According to an article in the July 6th, 2013 edition of New Scientist magazine, the age of renewable energy is upon us. Data from the International Energy Agency predicts renewable energy will exceed energy from all other sources of electricity except for coal, by 2016. Renewables are then poised to outstrip coal shortly after 2035.

Source: New Scientist, July 6th 2013, page 7.

Renewables are now the fastest growing source of power with hydropower making up the largest source, followed by onshore wind. In total, they now account for 1/5 of total global power generation. This is despite the fact there is still no global plan to reduce carbon emissions.

The International Energy Agency reports that many renewables no longer require economic incentives. What they do require however, are long-term policies that will provide a predictable and reliable market.

3 responses to “Renewable energy expected to overtake coal shortly after 2035”

  1. Correction: I initially said that renewables would outstrip coal by 2035 but the prediction is for this to happen shortly after 2035. I have updated this post to reflect this.

  2. Not sure 2035 is soon enough but glad to hear economic incentives are no longer required. Policies will come with the growth of the industry. Quality of the policies is another issue.

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