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  • Scottish wildcat

    Scottish wildcat

    Today we think we saw a Scottish wildcat. This is another very elusive creature whose population has been decimated over the past couple of hundred years. It is critically endangered and although it once roamed all of the UK it is now found only in northern and eastern Scotland. If it is a Scottish wildcat […]

  • Squirrel Nutkin and a fish ladder

    I saw not one Squirrel Nutkin but two Squirrel Nutkins this morning (and by Squirrel Nutkin I’m referring to the very elusive red squirrel). I went out by myself just after breakfast and it didn’t take very long to spot them. They’re much smaller than I thought and very, very cute. They’re incredibly agile and […]

  • In praise of cinnamon buns and hydro power

    I’ve just discovered something quite wonderful. Apparently the smell of cinnamon buns has been shown to increase blood flow to the penis. Just joking! I mean, it is true apparently, but that’s not the wonderful thing I want to talk about. It was just a cheap shot to get your attention 🙂 Perhaps not quite as exciting as an […]

  • Renewable energy expected to overtake coal shortly after 2035

    According to an article in the July 6th, 2013 edition of New Scientist magazine, the age of renewable energy is upon us. Data from the International Energy Agency predicts renewable energy will exceed energy from all other sources of electricity except for coal, by 2016. Renewables are then poised to outstrip coal shortly after 2035. […]