Once a week, I spend an hour and a bit helping out in Daniel’s class at school. Daniel likes it, I like it and it helps his teacher who works on a ratio of 1 to 25. It’s also nice for me to see what they’re doing at school so that I can provide the right sort of assistance for Daniel at home.

On a recent visit, I had to get the children to write out the alphabet so that I could observe their letter formation. They came up to me individually and wrote out the alphabet and all did a pretty good job. They actually seemed to enjoy what must have been a boring exercise.

Then it was Daniel’s turn. Instead of just writing, ‘a’, ‘b’, and so on, he turns each letter into a character with a story. ‘a’ and ‘b’ had eyes, ‘c’ was nested inside a bigger ‘c’ and the bigger ‘c’ was eating the little ‘c’. It went on much like this until ‘z’. While this is very cute and imaginative it was also immensely frustrating. Mental note to self: I must not teach him how to drive when he comes of age. For both our sakes.

Daniel likes to wear the same outfit everyday. When the seasons change and a different outfit is required, he vigorously protests. When last winter came to an end and the days got hot, it took a great deal of persuasion to get him out of his long-sleeved merino shirt and into a t-shirt despite the obvious fact that he was clearly hot and uncomfortable. Now the opposite is happening and he wants to remain in shorts and a t-shirt. The joys of an autistic child.

7 responses to “Danielisms”

  1. Good for you helping out at school. My God, it must have taken Daniel ages to get to z! AARRRGGGHHH. 🙂 If Daniel gets cold in his summer gear, is he likely to ask for something warm to put on?

    1. Not usually. I end up asking him if he wants a jumper or jacket.

  2. Just like you said, cute but frustrating 🙂 By the way, do you know this month is Autism Awareness Month?

    1. Yes, I did know that.

  3. Have you ever done The Cambridge Autism-Spectrum Quotient (AQ) yourself? It’s not a diagnostic test just a measure of autistic traits in adults.

    1. I have taken the online test here – http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/9.12/aqtest.html
      I get a low score so not autistic at all. Although I sometimes think I have autistic traits.

  4. One of the doctor’s on the British version (you can watch the French one for a rather funny cultural change if you like) of Embarrassing Bodies did the test and surprised himself with a pretty high score! That’s the only reason I know it exists. I’ll have a go at it when I am near a printer as the scoring is easy to mess up.

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