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Something I love to do is read my blog statistics, which give me information about the people who read my blog, like which country they come from, what links they clicked and how they got to my blog in the first place.

How they got here is my favourite part. If they landed on my blog after performing a Google search, I can see what search terms they used. Here are the some of the search terms (with original typos and all) used by people in the past month, that have brought them to quakerattled, for good or bad.

new zealand auckland get tsunami if quake on our subduction zone
christchurch earthquake been wondering
auckland earthquake
new zealand earthquakes 2012
auckland earthquake today 2013
hobsonville earthquakes
is the blanket on amy farrah fowler’s couch from rossane
save the world without cars (bicycles)
examples of monogenetic fields
example of monogenetic fields
wash hairdye bleach out and accidently got it in my ear
do they think auckland could get another earthquake
auckland earthquake 2013
auckland urban sprawl
housing density auckland verses sydney

It seems there are a lot of people worried (or maybe just interested) in Auckland and earthquakes. I love that there’s at least another person out there who managed to get hair dye in their ear and it’s heart warming to know that at least one other person on the planet thinks we can save the world by bicycle.

5 responses to “Blog statistics”

  1. What does ‘is the blanket on amy farrah fowler’s couch from rossane’ have to do with your blog….???

    Very strange!

  2. I love reading my blog statistics too. It’s interesting to see what people searched to come upon your blog. Mine often get to it through my 26 Acts Of Kindness posts (they have faaar more views than the others!).
    Must be reassuring, in a way (and in another way maybe not), to see that other people are also wondering about earthquakes in New Zealand!

    • Are they specifically searching for “26 acts of kindness”? That’s a lovely post you made. It’s nice to know it’s so popular.

      • Thanks! Sometimes they’re specifically searching for 26 Acts Of Kindness, and sometimes they’re looking up the children and come across their pictures.

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