First days at kindergarten

I am at home with no kids! Not one! Elizabeth is enjoying her second day at kindy and so far, so good. There were no tears at all when I left, no clinging, just a kiss goodbye followed by a return to play. I would like to say this is all my doing and that she’s a very settled, secure little girl due to good management but it’s probably just good luck. When I was her age, I still clearly remember clinging tightly to Pee-Nang’s clothing and crying and fighting the teachers as they prised my fingers away from her. I’m not sure how many times this happened. Possibly only the once, but I still remember it.

My strategy for Elizabeth has been as follows: we visited the kindy every day last week; Ben and I talked to her all weekend about starting kindy and my taking her there, saying goodbye then returning later to pick her up; on her first day, I stayed for 45 minutes playing with her, then left her for just half an hour before returning; today I stayed again for about 45 minutes and will leave her there for almost an hour. When we leave home to go to kindy, we take some food for the guinea pigs and the first thing she does is race over to feed them.  I think all these strategies have helped in some way.

It’s so nice not to have to deal with a very sad and frightened child on their first introduction to the education system. She has been happy and enthusiastic. This is how it should be.

6 thoughts on “First days at kindergarten

  1. Wonderful to hear that Elizabeth is settled. A few of my colleagues have kids who started kindy or school this year. Mixed results. One poor father was a wreck when he got to work. He was so upset about his daughter’s devastation when he left.
    Any plans for your spare time?

    1. The poor guy. I’m glad I don’t have to do that. If Elizabeth was upset, I simply wouldn’t leave. As for my spare time, not sure. Might spend a bit of time just picking my nose.

  2. It seems to be “horses for courses” Rach. I look at Kelly… Clingy, nervous, shy, on her first day at kindy and for quite sometime after (even into primary school). However, what a confident, independent, strong, high-achiever she became. Hard for the parents whether smooth or difficult, but if you are dedicated to best outcomes, they make it on their own terms in the end. Well done you. So pleased Elizabeth has had such a positive start. So good to enjoy this big step with your offspring.

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