Top 5 things I hate about hot climates…

  1. I have to shave my legs – too hot for jeans.
  2. I can’t wear the same bra and shirt for days on end (I do change my undies everyday though).
  3. I have to share my pantry with insects. Just a couple of weeks ago I found maggots in there.
  4. Who wants to get all hot and sticky beneath the sheets when you’re hot and sticky already?
  5. You can’t eat as much. When it’s freezing outside, you need to stuff your face to help keep warm. When it’s freezing outside, you can do more exercise because exercise is much more pleasant when it’s cold. More exercise = more food. And who doesn’t like to eat?

Feel free to add more…

14 thoughts on “Top 5 things I hate about hot climates…

  1. 1. Beer tastes better in hot weather.
    2. Swimming is great in hot weather.
    3. Twilight and early evening more enjoyable times of the day in hot barmy weather

  2. Top 5. Things I LOVE about hot climates

    1. I can chuck on a pair of shorts and T-Shirt and know I will be comfortable from morning until night

    2. I wake up & want to exercise in the morning because its a beautiful sunny day and I don’t have cold rain encouraging me to stay in bed

    3. The ocean is beautiful and you can play in the waves all day. Anywhere south of QLD is too cold.

    4. A crisp cold beer on a sweltering day. Nothing beats it.

    5. Because on a hot day you want to celebrate the sun and live to the fullest. On cold days i just want to hide indoors!

    I guess the world takes all sorts of people 😉

  3. Rach, I’d call it 5 things I hate about humid climates. Canberra’s hot but you hardly notice it because it’s dry heat. I detest hot humid weather. I spent my Brisbane summers feeling as though I was constantly drenched. By the time I got to work, I felt as though I needed a shower and a change of clothes. In Canberra, my cat doesn’t have fleas and cockroaches are almost non-existent. When the sun goes down, so does the temperature. All good!!

    1. Ah, cool evenings. I’m really missing those most. It’s just so hard to sleep at night right now because it’s tooooooo hot. And yes, I have a fan, but it just pushes about hot air.

  4. I agree with the surfers and swimmers! Salt water and surf does wonders for one’s well-being. Also, you’re still young enough for skimpy sun dresses, short shorts and all the cool, casual summer clothes, Rach. Chill out and wear them while you still can!

    1. There is a tradition in the Northern Hemisphere of taking a mid-winter swim for New Year’s – Over a 1000 people jumped into the River Forth in Scotland alone.

      I have plenty of skimpy dresses and short shorts, but I have a problem with the sun. If I’m going out into the sun, I have to cover up my skin with more than sunscreen. I smear the stuff all over, but I still I get freckles. I have celtic skin. It doesn’t tan, just burns and freckles and also develops skin cancer far more readily than other skin types. It evolved in a British climate with filtered sunlight. When I walk to school to get Daniel now, I’ve taken to wearing a big, old shirt of Ben’s over the top. I look ridiculous. I could just drive and avoid the sun, but you don’t stay slim without effort. I have to exercise or I wouldn’t fit into the skimpy dresses anyway.

      1. How about the Asian way? Use an umbrella then you can still wear great summer clothes. A good reflector umbrella, black on the inside and silver on the outside, is best on hot days. The beach is still great before 10 and after 3, just not at dawn and dusk when it can be a bit sharky.

  5. While that’s a great idea, and I do occasionally do this, have you ever tried holding an umbrella with one hand and pushing a stroller up-hill with a heavy child in it with the other? It’s actually quite hard. Add the 3pm heat to this and I get home feeling like shit. My face is beetroot-red, I’m sweaty and generally quite pissed off with the heat. I think people who like hot climates must just do their exercise early in the day or very late and spend the rest of the time in air-conditioned comfort. Or perhaps they ditch the exercise altogether.

  6. Rachel — I’m quite happy to allow you to hate hot humid weather!! Also, I’ll add to your list. I used to hate having to wash and blow-dry my hair every day. I used to hate having sweat pouring down my face and then down my front and back, and finally down my legs into my shoes. Not a pleasant feeling especially when dressed up for work.

  7. I imagine after The Auckland shark attack this week, (at 1p.m.), the beach might have lost some of its appeal too. Evidently, you don’t have shark nets although according to one article I read they have only a placebo effect and NZedders are undecided as to their usefulness anyway! Just don’t swim 200 metres out.
    While I don’t push a stroller around, I regularly walk two dogs and pick up after them with an umbrella in one hand and dog leads in the other. However, you must get an umbrella with a silver fabric on top and black underneath if you want the best temperature reduction. They might look prettier and more stylish but other combinations are relatively ineffective. I hate hot, humid weather too but there are many design strategies out there which include insulation, trees and ceiling fans. It’s a challenge but not impossible to have a cool house and garden. And remember, only “mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun”!

    1. I asked Ben why there aren’t shark nets here and he said because they don’t work. I’d never swim 200m out anyway and I always try to make sure there’s someone else swimming our deeper than me – so that the shark goes for them first! I’d be quite happy to never swim at the beach again. It’s just that the kids enjoy it and it’s free entertainment.

  8. The fact that shark nets don’t work is irrelevant. They cause people to FEEL safe. Nobody cares about facts & evidence anymore. The just want to feel & tweet.

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