My unsolicited advice – read at your own risk

To pregnant women: Take the epidural. Ask for it early. It’s called labour for a reason.

To Wellingtonians: Leave while you still can. No city in the world is worth the disaster that awaits yours.

To parents of babies: Comfort your crying baby. You’d want nothing less for yourself as an adult. If they don’t stop crying, you are not a bad parent. But don’t leave them to cry or ignore them. Babies have no need for material things. They just want love, comfort and security. Is that really so hard?

To everyone: Exercise. Everyday. Your body needs it. Your brain needs it.

To everyone: Don’t drink too much. It’s really not good for you. If you’re motivated by health, then read: booze causes cancer. If you’re motivated by vanity then read: booze causes wrinkles.

To everyone: Be kind to animals and children. Anything short of this makes you a bully.

To everyone: The single most important thing in life is the relationships you have with the people around you. Nurture those relationships. Talk to the people you love. Spend time with them.

To everyone: Ignore all unsolicited advice.

7 Replies to “My unsolicited advice – read at your own risk”

  1. Good work, Rachel. I must be more diligent about following your advice on exercise. Getting better. 🙂

  2. I like this. I do/will follow all of those, except the first two of which I’m not too sure. It’s such a shame that my favourite city in the world is also one of the most dangerous… As for the epidural, I’m not sure, but luckily I still have a few years to decide!

    1. There are lots of amazing cities in the world. You just haven’t discovered them yet.

  3. Hi Rachel
    Don’t think things are that black and white, labour can be wonderful without an epidural. Get informed, read more and more and surround yourself with positive and trustworthy support and have faith!

    Comfort your babies too 🙂


    1. Lovely to have your thoughts, Christie! Hope all is well with you.

  4. Most of that is OK for me. The big problem is implementation!!

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