The Curse of Western Park

After two days of what many would consider dangerous activities – snow tubing and ice skating – today we opted for the somewhat innocuous activity of a picnic in the park. It did not turn out that way at all.

We went to Western Park, in Freeman’s Bay Auckland, where there is a playground for kids and more slides than you can count on your hand.  Most of the slides are very long and some very steep, so I felt I had to follow the kids around quite closely, Elizabeth in particular. Just as I was helping Elizabeth down one long, steep slide, I turned around and Daniel was gone. Ever heard a panicked parent call their child’s name in increasingly louder and frantic shouts? That was me. Eventually Daniel appeared from around a corner, covered in blood.

He had gone on the flying fox by himself. Normally he never takes risks like that, not without checking with us first or getting our help. I think he just lost patience with me because I was too busy with Elizabeth. He fell off and blood poured from his nose. He’s now fine, but I did get a bloody photo:


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