A very expensive cotton bud

I’ve been having some issues with my hair colour. Ever since I bleached it, I’ve had problems with tinges of green. Yesterday I decided to colour it red to hide the green. This worked well except that I didn’t really like the red. So today, I bleached it again and now the very top of it is a pineapple yellow, while the middle section has green undertones and the rest is a nice blonde. So I’ve got a three-phase colour thing happening. Tomorrow, it may be different again.psycho

Yesterday afternoon when I was colouring it red, I accidentally dropped a huge globule of hair dye in my ear. This is because I was busy talking to my sister rather than concentrating and watching what I was doing in the mirror. The hair colour went right into my ear, muffling sounds and making me deaf. I rinsed out my ear with water repeatedly but this only seemed to make it worse so I decided to sleep on it.

Sometime after 3am I awoke and again had a go at rinsing my ear, which was no clearer than the day before. Worried that I’d end up with permanent ear damage, I decided to visit the after-hours clinic, which is very close to our house and likely to be fairly quiet at 4am. Usually I’d be visiting the after-hours clinic with a small child who had inadvertently clogged a body orifice with some artefact. So I felt pretty dumb explaining that it was I who had clogged an orifice and with hair dye, of all things. The doctor took one look in my ear and said, “It’s full of ear wax. Do you clean your ears?”. She then stuck a cotton bud in it and wiped out a huge ball of wax, coloured red from the dye. Suddenly I could hear again. $90 for a cotton bud and much embarrassment.