5 thoughts on “Scarier

  1. Love the colours and Scarier’s teeth. You should tell Daniel that I patted a Tawny Nurse shark last week. It wasn’t a scary shark like his one and luckily didn’t eat me. Although it was a very big shark, it was very gentle. I had to put a fish right near its mouth to make sure it could find it. It sucked it up. By the way, Rachel, are you sending the kids to any other workshops, etc for the holidays?

    1. I told Daniel you patted a shark and he thought about it for a bit then said, “Did she get eaten?”. I don’t have any other plans for the holidays as yet, other than two birthday parties to organise (Elizabeth turns 3 soon and Daniel 6 next month), but I’m sure we’ll have to do something to prevent everyone going crazy from being cooped up at home!

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