The need for control

When you don’t like where you live but there’s little you can do about it, there’s only one thing to do…and that is, colour your hair. This creates a feeling of having some control over your life, when in reality, you have none. So it was with this thought that I decided to ditch the henna and embrace the bleach and a fringe. The fringe hides my frown lines, the lighter colour camouflages the grey and the photo age app on my iphone puts me at 22 years old. So now I’m very happy, albeit just temporarily.



6 responses to “The need for control”

    • Actually, I *did* go to a salon in the end and it was $180 all up which is not bad considering I was there for FOUR hours. There was some green at one point too and the hairdresser is getting me to come back next weekend for some touching up at no expense.

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