Tennis or Karate?

First day back at school for Daniel today and we were all a bit sad about that. Daniel’s love affair with school seems to have waned lately, although he still seems moderately happy with the place. According to his teacher he was exhausted all day today and at one stage she suggested he should come home early. He said, “No, I’m only 10m tired. When I’m 100m tired I’ll let you know.”

I’m trying to decide whether to continue with tennis lessons for him this term. The other alternative is karate, which I thought might be good for someone with tics who is also not very assertive. I asked him whether he had a preference and he said, “None of them because I’m good at all of them and I’m busting”. Right.

Last weekend Ben took him to the local playground. As they were leaving, some young girls appeared, one of whom was a girl from Daniel’s school. She looked at Daniel and said, “Stupid Daniel”. This is one of the reasons I thought karate might be useful – so he can karate-chop name-calling children.