I had a great trip to the opshop this morning with a fellow opshopper here in Auckland: the very lovely Pascale. I got this gorgeous, 100% silk top by Gail Elliot – Little Joe New York – for $8.

Ok, so my amateur photo doesn’t really do it justice and it needs an iron, but it is stunning, I swear.

I also got this linen/silk jacket for $6, made in New Zealand by Choose.

This cute Joanna Morgan dress for $7:

What’s the best thing about Auckland? The opshops of course.

2 thoughts on “Opshopping”

  1. Not just the op shops. On my way back from breaky with Alex (his birthday today) I listened to the health report coming from Auckland.

    NZ plans to be smoking free by 2025 and have embarked on a program of education and other approaches to try to reduce smoking down to almost zero. NZ leads the world!!!!!!

    Great place NZ

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