At last, acceptance at the App Store!

At last my app got accepted into the app store. It’s called SoniaClock after my friend, Sonia. It does have a minor bug which I found last week but I didn’t want to remove the binary from the queue since it takes so long to get reviewed. If I remove it and fix the problem, I have to resubmit to the back of the queue. So what I’ve done is create a new version of the app which I’ll upload in the next couple of days once I’ve completed some more testing.

The bug is fairly minor: the day of week parameter does not update to the following day at midnight. So if you’ve had the app running all night long, you’ll wake up to it telling you the day is yesterday. Perhaps I should classify it as a Groundhog Day feature rather than a bug.

The volcano status is updated every 30 seconds.

Over the last week I’ve been working on another app called EruptNZ which displays a list of all of New Zealand’s volcanoes and their current alert status. There’s more information about it on my website along with some of the other apps I’ve been working on. Website here:

I’m still an absolute newbie at this but I’m loving it all, including the times when I want to throw the computer out the window and especially when I get my app rejection emails which only serve to make me more determined. It also takes my mind off the ludicrous fact that we’re playing a sort of Russian roulette by living on this hazardous piece of real estate: Auckland, New Zealand.

2 Replies to “At last, acceptance at the App Store!”

  1. Oh congratulations Rachel! Keep up the excellent work. If I had a phone that used apps I would get it. Jed

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