Rock star and Kauri trees

Daniel’s school had a “dress-up as a rockstar/popstar” day last week. Daniel dressed up and made an appropriate amount of noise throughout the day.

Ben’s Mum has been with us this past week so we thought we’d better do something touristy. Today we took her to the Kauri Glen Reserve which is a large, forested pocket in Birkenhead on the North Shore of Auckland. It is called Kauri Glen because it is home to a number of highly valued native New Zealand Kauri trees. These trees can grow to the enormous size of 50m tall or higher and are long-lived at more than 2000 years. They once covered much of the Northland of New Zealand but were first used by Maori and then later decimated by European settlers. They are protected now but have a new enemy in the form of a fungus-like disease called Kauri dieback. All visitors to this little reserve must wash their shoes to prevent the disease spreading as much as possible. 
A Kauri tree

Our walk through the reserve was short – about 30 minutes – but so lovely. It was Elizabeth’s first full walk (previously we have carried her in a backpack) and she loved it and chattered non-stop the whole way. Daniel was also very good and lead the way.

Kids playing before bed tonight

3 Replies to “Rock star and Kauri trees”

  1. More gorgeous photos… have you thought about photography as more than a passtime/bloggger thingamy-jig?Daniel looks like Ben in that rockstar shot. Cool man.xx

  2. Thank you! I didn't take all the photos myself. Di took the group shot and Ben took the photo of the kids playing in the lounge. Daniel does look a lot like Ben.

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