Vomits again

Daniel woke up in a pool of vomit this morning. He was at a loss as to how it got there and even tried blaming it on Freud but we just did not believe that Freud could have vomited on Daniel’s pajamas, on his doona and sheets and even in his hair during the night without Daniel noticing. Although how Daniel himself could have done all that without waking up is a mystery. The boy is a deep sleeper! We have come to the conclusion that it is Daniel’s vomit and that he needs to stay home from school today.

Meanwhile Elizabeth has been unwell with a cold which has developed into a leaky faucet in her nose:

3 responses to “Vomits again”

  1. Absolutely astonished that anyone can vomit in their sleep and not wake up.

  2. That's so funny, sorry. J 🙂

  3. He slept through the Chch 2010 earthquake too!

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