BBQ in a hurry

I got a little stressed this morning. We had friends coming over for a BBQ lunch today and in our usual disorganised fashion, only went and bought a BBQ from Bunnings this morning. The BBQ required some simple assembly and in a frantic panic I shoved screws and bolts together as fast as I could so that we could turn it on and get the sausages going before our friends arrived. NEVER try to assemble a BBQ in a rush. This is what happened:

Needless to say, we cooked the sausages on the stove.

2 responses to “BBQ in a hurry”

  1. Did you assemble the cooking bit upside down? Maybe you should stick to crocheting:) Good try, though! Can you blame the assembly instructions?

  2. Yes, it's upside-down. It's all fixed now though and we tested it out and it works.

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