Zeki and Daniel updates and more

I have been unable to test Zeki’s blood glucose for a little while because I ran out of test strips and the local pharmacy was going to charge over $60 for a pack of 50 strips which is obscene. Of course if I was a diabetic I’d be able to get them cheaply on prescription but this just means the cost is transferred to the government and essentially, the taxpayer. The glucometer itself is as cheap as chips but they charge huge amounts for the test strips which are an essential item if you want to use the glucometer. I have managed to source some more online for half the price so am anxiously awaiting their arrival. It was looking like the pearl barley was working magic on Zeki’s blood sugar though. Pearl barley is a marvelous food. I don’t know why it isn’t used more widely. It’s cheap, effectively lowers blood sugar and has a lovely homely texture.

Some updates on Daniel. School is still progressing marvellously well. We have had some suggestions for how to get him to play into the playground with the other children and have been following them all up, so thank you. Everyone is helping him out here including his new teacher whom he just adores. Until this week, half the playground for the younger children was cordoned off for maintenance but it is now open so we’re hoping it will have a diluting effect on the number of children there. Yesterday it rained and they were allowed to play in the classroom which Daniel just loved. He always participates and will happily play with the other kids there.

I’m fond of gardening and appreciate being able to fill vases inside with flowers from the garden. Recently Daniel has started filling our vases with flowers from the garden and he manages to arrange them quite artistically. I can’t imagine many 5-year-old boys doing that! Daniel holding one of his creations:

Elizabeth is still enjoying dressups:

I love to crochet. I could crochet all day if given the chance. I just wish someone would pay me to do it. Yesterday I thought I’d try crocheting some barbie clothes. My first attempt: