Dog food

Zeki’s days are numbered. We are considering putting him to sleep. Strangely, this is something I am more in favour of than Ben. Perhaps Ben is worried I may similarly take him to the Vet’s to be put to sleep once he starts going downhill. Zeki remains blissfully unaware of our plans for his future and continues to make matters worse for himself by growling at small children and attacking Freud on a daily basis. On the positive side, he has stopped pissing on the kitchen floor – something which is now clear was a symptom of his diabetes so we can’t blame him for that.

Dog food is big business and very complicated. I have been making food for the dogs for the past couple of months because the decent pet foods are so expensive. I decided a couple of days ago that I’d had enough of cooking with all the other things as well: three pills in the morning for Freud and two in the evening, eye drops twice a day for both dogs and insulin injections for Zeki morning and night. Freud with his history of pancreatitis needs a strictly low fat diet and Zeki with his diabetes needs a strictly low GI diet. Vets sell food for both conditions and they not only cost a fortune, but the list of ingredients is very comprehensive making is seem almost impossible to replicate at home. Another customer at the Vet’s commented that dog food is more expensive than our food and I think she’s right. Do dogs need dog food for a healthy and long life? Wolves certainly manage without but they also have a lifespan of 8 years in the wild compared to 16 years in captivity.

The neatly packaged dog food with its complete balance of vitamins and minerals got me thinking about human food. Could it be that one day humans will consume something similar? So much of our food is neatly packaged already and we know a substantial amount about the things we need to eat and the things we shouldn’t that perhaps a product will appear that contains everything a healthy adult needs for a long life. It would eliminate the need to cook and reduce obesity and illnesses caused by eating the wrong thing and too much of it. I can read the side of the packet now: “For healthy adults in the weight range 60-70kg, feed 1.25 cups three times a day.” Mmmm, yum.

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