What’s my nationality?

My Australian passport is still under my maiden name. I wanted to change it when we first got married but it ended up in the too hard basket. I decided to give it another go this week but it’s proving very difficult. I was not born in Australia so they want to see proof of citizenship. Evidently an existing Australian passport is not proof enough (unless you were born in Australia which I was not). I do not have a certificate of Australian citizenship. I am able to renew my passport without any difficulty but I cannot get a new one in a different name. It is perfectly legal however for me to travel under my maiden name but it means I always have to remember to book tickets in that name and to sign in that name and one day, I may get it wrong.

Meanwhile, I can get New Zealand citizenship without any difficulty at all. In fact, it’s easier for me to get New Zealand citizenship than for me to get proof of my Australian citizenship, despite being 5th generation Australian which includes convict ancestry. You don’t get more Australian than that. If I get New Zealand citizenship, does that give me leave to make fun of New Zealand?