Counting, earthquakes and the election

Elizabeth just said: “1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10”
Elizabeth is a great little talker. She can basically say everything and she does but her hopeless parents don’t always understand her. She understands everything we say though. She loves Daniel’s kindergarten and it has become a real battle getting her out of there. She loves animals and jumping on the trampoline and adores our backyard swing. She’s quite a contrast to Daniel who was mostly silent for the first three years.

Yesterday Daniel’s kindergarten screened a short earthquake video to the children showing them what to do during an earthquake. They never did anything like that in Christchurch until after the earthquakes but evidently they have always done it regularly in Auckland despite it having a lower earthquake-risk. The teachers checked with me before showing it because they didn’t want to traumatise Daniel but I was pretty sure he’d be fine. I found it a little traumatic though. The video was very good and simulated a small to medium-sized earthquake quite well I thought. It included the sound an earthquake makes and this is what really got to me. That awful rumbling sound. I hope I never have to experience that again. Daniel appeared fine and I asked him on the way home what he thought of the video. He said it was “fine”.

Voting day tomorrow and I still haven’t decided who I’m voting for. If anyone else is still undecided, there’s a neat game online that will help you out:
The lead-up to the election has been very entertaining with the improbable scenario of a National candidate removing his own advertising sign and our Prime Minister being questioned over which party he is going to vote for. Strange system they have over here.

2 responses to “Counting, earthquakes and the election”

  1. Thank goodness you are living in a democracy and as a woman have the right to vote!

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