Sky Tower

A defining feature of Auckland for the kids is the Sky Tower. We can see it from practically everywhere including our kitchen window and right from the start, Daniel has shown great interest in it. Even Elizabeth proclaims with youthful enthusiasm “Sky Tower!” whenever she sees it.

The Sky Tower stands 328m tall making it the highest man-made structure in New Zealand. It is even higher than the Eiffel Tower which reaches 324m. This is a little bit misleading though because the highest public viewing platform on the Sky Tower is 220m above sea level while visitors can go up to 276m on the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been up the Eiffel Tower twice and I felt it was better – more spectacular – but the Sky Tower doesn’t have the queues and crowds and in many ways the views are nicer because they include sea and harbour.

We caught the bus to the tower which was very easy.

Versace sunglasses from an Auckland opshop: $50
The blurb inside the tower says it can withstand a Mag. 8.0 earthquake within 20km of Auckland. Good to know.

Nice view of Rangitoto

A very happy little boy

Daniel took this of me. My mouth is filled with chocolate biscuit. Good background pic.

Someone leapt off the top while we were having coffee

A good view of the Harbour Bridge over to the North Shore

Weta workshop (the company who did the special effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy) have a small exhibit at the bottom of the tower.

Gollum and mathematician

Why won’t these people leave me alone, precious?

The fellow in the photo below is from Weta. He was sculpting the creature to his right out of clay for all to watch. It has taken him a week so far.

4 responses to “Sky Tower”

  1. Thanks for this entertaining article and the family snaps. Love to see the kids. Auckland looks like a beautiful city. Can't wait to go there! I couldn't help but notice your swank glasses and to think they only cost $50. Good opshopping. Love, B

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