Freud is suddenly quite ill. Yesterday when we returned home from Piha I noticed a great deal of panting and a reluctance in him to do anything, even lie down which is something Freud is very good at. When he refused to eat his dinner and vomited all over the place we decided to rush him off to the after hours vet.  In the 11 years I have had him, he has never once refused his dinner, not the delicious wet meaty stuff anyway.

On Saturday morning Ben took both dogs out for their usual walk and Freud was attacked by another dog. The dog was much bigger than Freud and came racing out of someone’s yard and jumped on him. Ben said Freud ended up on his back beneath the bigger dog. Fortunately the big dog had a leash attached to him so Ben was able to pull it off quite quickly. I inspected him closely for wounds when they came home and couldn’t find any bite marks. He appeared fine that day and the next morning when I took them both out for a walk. Whether this is the cause or there is some other underlying problem we do not yet know.

He spent the night at the after hours clinic on an IV drip and this morning is at the regular vet having some tests done. It is not clear what the problem is but hopefully he will make a full recovery. I know I complained on this blog a little while ago about the dogs, but I’m not ready for them to go just yet, so hang in there Freud.