We had a terrific time at Snowplanet today. They have a great deal for families with kids which includes full clothing hire for the children, including snow boots, as well as a toboggan. So we spent a happy hour or so riding up the magic carpet then sliding down the gentle slope. Both kids thought it was great. Then we had lunch in their restaurant and afterwards the kids played in the kids’ play area with Ben keeping guard while I went for a ski. It has been almost 10 years since I went skiing but I quickly found my ski legs again. Some photos.

Ben and Daniel on the magic carpet

Elizabeth getting ready for wheeee!


In my element: -5

Dude in a bar

At just 20 minutes north of Auckland by car, it’s definitely a fun outing for families with children, regardless of whether you’re accomplished skiiers. The only negatives are that one of the best features of skiing is the surrounding landscape which almost always has breath-taking views. It’s just not quite the same inside a building. But this is balanced by the fact you can visit 365 days per year whatever the weather. It’s also right on our doorstep.

The other negative which was disappointing for Daniel is the snow wasn’t very good for building a snowman with. It was soft and powdery: just the sort of stuff you want for skiing and tobogganing but not mushy enough for a snowman.

The restaurant had a great atmosphere with a roaring fire and was nice and warm. A great place, a great outing, we’ll be back.

7 responses to “Snowplanet”

  1. Happy birthday!! Obviously it was. Elizabeth looked so cute with the pink headgear. te he Wondering whether the Dude in the bar was watching pole dancers. Thanks for the photos. Love to see you all. Love, B

  2. JeD: It doesn't get much publicity but I have a homing device for anything snow-related. Did you notice Elizabeth's hat? Just Me: Thanks. B: Thanks. It was a wonderful birthday and a huge improvement on last year. I think the Dude is looking hopefully for a waiter carrying his lunch rather than pole dancers πŸ™‚

  3. Oh yes notice the hat now! Great to see it looks so cute on her. Daniel is looking so grown up … the years do fly by. Just think your birthday next year could be a week away to Mt Ruapehu… Jed

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