Exciting things happening

I am very excited. We have been looking at houses for about a month now and it just seems to be one boring box after another. At last this week we found something worth getting excited about. Even if we don’t end up buying it, it’s a relief to find something worth buying. We are also running out of time as our short-term rental expires at the end of October.

The other exciting thing happening is my birthday tomorrow and Ben is taking the day off work so we can all go to snow planet. I missed out on the Christchurch snow so we’re going to an indoor ski field instead and I can’t wait.

Daniel and Elizabeth have been terrific as we traipse them from one house inspection to another. For a bit of relief last Sunday, we stopped for a break at a cafe. Daniel spilt some milk from his fluffy on the table and called out to the fellow behind the counter: “hey Guy, clean up this milk”. Ben explained to Daniel that it was inappropriate for him to say that. He was not being naughty, he just doesn’t quite have a full understanding of appropriate social customs.

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