Rugby fever

It’s rugby fever here at the moment with the Rugby World Cup starting tomorrow. They are telling people in Auckland that if you want to get home from work tomorrow, leave before 3pm. Ben has decided to work from home all day. A very wise move, I think.

They were talking about the rugby with the children at kindy today and I thought I’d better pad out what little Daniel knows about it otherwise he’ll be totally lost and confused with all the hype. So first, to find out what he does know:

Me: The Rugby World Cup is starting in Auckland tomorrow, Daniel. Do you know what the New Zealand team is called?
Daniel: silence
Me: Do you know what rugby is?
Daniel: silence
Me: Do you know what the haka is?
Daniel: silence

Are we bad parents?

I took some photos of the kids having fun at my friend’s house today.

And Elizabeth has discovered heels and tizzy skirts. God help us:

4 thoughts on “Rugby fever”

  1. Congratulations! A photo with complete images of both children. Well done. As for Elizabeth and her grown-up stuff, perhaps a beauty pageant should be next on your agenda. Daniel knows almost as much as I do about Rugby. B

  2. Good to see Elizabeth in a shorter skirt. She looks very sweet.Don't know how many more weeks of torture you will have with the rugby, but it too shall pass, and rents, among other things, will return to normal.

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