Daniel’s amazing development

Everyday I am amazed by how well Daniel has taken to his new kindy. The drop-off in the mornings is easier than it has ever been. In Christchurch I always had to pair him up with a teacher and there was still noticeable anxiety. Here he’s always eager in the mornings and then happy to be left near whatever it is he wants to play with. This morning one of the teachers invited him over to play with her just as I was leaving but he said “no, I’m going to play with something else first”. Then as we were walking home yesterday another little girl was walking with her mummy just ahead of us and Daniel said: “I played with her today, she’s my friend”. This is a huge development because in the 18 months he attended kindy in Christchurch, he never made any friends there. I think there are a combination of factors involved but a significant one is the absence of earthquakes. We were at kindy for the February 22nd earthquake and it was scary and I was injured. I can understand that he might find that kindy a little traumatic after the event. I certainly found it difficult going back for the first time.

Ben is driving up to Auckland with our car this weekend. My mother-in-law, Di, will accompany him so that he doesn’t have to do the trip alone. It’s a long way and will take two full days. I have a fantastic mother-in-law. (and yes she does read this blog but it’s true) They will see some spectacular scenery so Ben has the camera again and promises to take lots of photos for me. I’m a little envious that I can’t go with them.

I feel I should clarify my feelings about the cold and snow. I only like the cold when I feel warm. I don’t like being cold. Cold climates are lovely provided you have a warm, dry home and adequate clothing. Many people in New Zealand, especially earthquake-damaged Christchurch, have cold, damp houses and they can’t afford to heat them adequately. It must be awful for them and I can understand why, in those circumstances, they might want to live in my home-town of Brisbane.

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  1. Great to hear the good news about Daniel! B

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